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5 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer after a Truck Accident

In the United States, over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year. According to the reports, over 75% of the accidents occur due to the negligence of the passenger vehicle drivers and 16% of the truck accidents are due to the fault of a truck driver.

Truck accident cases are more complicated than normal vehicle accidents. The outcome is catastrophic and brings along major economic and psychological stress. A truck accident victim needs the support of a Shreveport truck accident attorney from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess to get through such dismal times. With a wide array of knowledge, our team can assist you to overcome all the complexities. From conducting an extensive investigation to representing you at the court, we can help you fight and win the maximum compensation.

But why do you need an attorney? As a regular citizen, you are not aware of the complexities and legalities associated with a truck accident case. A highly-experienced professional lawyer gives you the real picture of the entire scenario and helps you to identify the possible challenges.  Some of the main reasons behind hiring a truck accident attorney are listed out as follows-

  1. Liability determination:

It is significant to identify the actual person responsible for the accident. In a truck accident, many can be held liable other than the accused driver. The owner of the truck, truck manufacturer; company that leased the truck, contractor, or maybe government entities could be held responsible. Your lack of knowledge about the liabilities and other formalities could end you up on the losing side. Hence, to get over the challenges and win an adequate compensation choosing a Shreveport trucking accident lawyer would be an ideal decision. 

2. Gathering relevant evidence:

You must understand the fact that trucking accidents aren’t similar to any other case. You need ample evidence to go up against big trucking firms. A trucking lawyer has access to all the resources to carry out a thorough investigation. He/she cooperates with you and keeps you updated on the progress of the investigation. Sometimes lawyers hire private investigators to get to the bottom of the root cause and build a solid case.

Apart from gathering witnesses, there is some additional information which you must collect like:

  • The employment history of the driver, qualifications, and drug/alcohol test
  • Insurance of the trucking company
  • Commercial vehicle inspection
  • Property damage costing of the defendant
  • Records of medical injuries
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) of the involved truck

3. Identifying damages of the plaintiff:

The damages caused due to truck accidents are classified as property damage, major damage, and minor damage. Our legal associates can help the victims judge the intensity of the damage from all aspects. They can analyze the case from multiple angles and calculate a fair amount for the damages. Legal professionals are aware of the correct rules and regulations, thus, they can provide the perfect support to the victims.

4. Negotiations with multiple liable parties:

Proper negotiation is a must if you want to claim the right amount of compensation for your accident. If there are multiple parties involved in the case, the situation can become quite a challenge. But when you hire one of our professionals, you have nothing to worry about. We have a wide network of connections and extraordinary negotiating skills to win over insurers. We can help you avert all legal adversities and get the maximum compensation for you.

5. Awareness of the Truck laws and federal regulations:

An average individual is unaware of the deadlines, legal norms, and other regulations related to a truck accident. The whole process is tiresome and involves a lot of paperwork. Without a professional Shreveport accident attorney, you may feel stranded and clueless about what to do next. Fortunately, a truck accident lawyer is well-versed with the legalities associated with a truck accident case. He knows the tricks to tackle the faulty parties and can correctly represent your case to the court if required.

The aftermath of a truck accident is devastating. It is challenging for a victim to fight for a case single-handedly. A truck accident attorney is your real friend in the hour of need. If you want to gain the right amount for your damages, you need the legal support of a professional from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm. We are a team of seasoned lawyers who have recovered millions of dollars for our victims and helped them to get back on their feet. The clock of the statute of limitations is ticking. Don’t wait any longer to avail of our legal services. Call now to book a FREE consultation is one of the senior legal associates.

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